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Die forgings

Stalchem co-operates very closely with forging shops in Poland and abroad. Meeting the highest requirements of our customers we supply die forgings to Polish and Western Europe markets at very competitive prices and with convenient terms.

In our product range there are die forgings from 0,05kg up to 350kg forged with press, hammers and forging machines. The die forgings are forged of carbon, steel, alloy, acid-resistant and stainless steel with heat treatment or without. We are able to supply our customers also with brass die forgings.

Offered by us smaller die forgings (up to 5kg) are forged with high dimension accuracy. Our die forgings may be offered as machined or rough according to customer's requirement. In many cases we supply die forgings with already mounted additional units and assembly depending on the end-user's needs.

The die forgings are delivered on wooden pallets to a named destination all over the Europe. For some customers we deliver die forgings within 24 hours in packages up to 30kg via UPS or DHL.

Currently we co-operate and supply our die forgings, flats and wires to such branches of industry like automotive, agriculture, furniture and hydraulic industry and white goods producers in Poland and Western Europe.

Die forgings
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